Productive weekend

Well I had a productive weekend.

  • Set up a Twilio account and was able to call myself from C#. Mad props to the Twilio team for creating the best documentation I’ve ever seen. I had this up and running in under 10 minutes.
  • Read the entire TopShelf documentation and wrote a reference service implementation including Log4Net logging.
  • Installed Ubuntu on my laptop.
  • Almost got my reference service running under mono-service. It turns out TopShelf doesn’t actually run in Mono, even though the website says it does. I was able to eliminate every error message by recompiling against CIL-compliant DLLs, but now it just exits immediately. I think I might need to just write a command line app and daemonize it.
  • Cleaned all the dead stuff out of my garden.
  • Watered all my flower beds.
  • Bought a kayak. This is going out next weekend!
  • Practiced my overhead squat.
  • Visited my grandparents.
  • Ran 3.5 miles.
  • Made some delicious hummus.