Colin Furze has passion

I just discovered his YouTube channel last night, but I can already say: Colin Furze has passion. A lot of it. His day job is plumbing, but his hobby is inventing. I might also call him a mad genius, pyromaniac, or maybe just completely crazy. In a series of projects he turned himself into three X-Men. He built fully retractable pneumatic claws for Wolverine, wrist mounted flame throwers for Pyro, and electro-magnetic boots that let him walk on the ceiling for Magneto.

Beyond his human-mutant creations, he also built a pulse jet out of scrap car parts. Which–being a mad genius–he then mounted on various things he found around the house: a bicycle, a baby carriage, a van, and a snowblower.

And then there’s that laughter. The maniacal, hysterical laughter. It’s a constant in his videos and I love it! When watching the how it’s made videos you can tell this guy is wicked sharp, extremely resourceful, and above all else, passionate. On his website he explains as a kid his dad wouldn’t let him use their shed, so he built a workshop out of second-hand tools in his bedroom and subsequently sprayed oil on the walls. Currently holds the world record for the largest bonfire and has attempted to set records for the fastest mobility scooter and fastest stroller.

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