Hello Meteor!

After 10 years in .NET land, I’m trying out something a bit different. I’ve been watching Meteor since the original announcement, but this is my first dive in. There are several things I’m really excited about in Meteor:

  • easy real-time collaborative UIs
  • reactive HTML templates
  • MongoDB
  • the active community

My background includes ASP.NET WebForms and about 5 years with ASP.NET MVC. I’ve been using REST/JSON APIs and Knockout extensively for the past several years, but never dove into real-time applications. I’m already quite familiar with MongoDB so when I started looking for a framework for quickly mocking up applications, Meteor jumped out as a great fit.

In this blog, I’ll be writing about my experience with Meteor, writing how-tos, and hopefully contributing something useful back to the community. I was inspired to start writing by Ciara’s intro post at Meteor Academy. I hope I can get some constructive feedback as I experiment with application architecture and become more familiar with the Meteor paradigm.

Let’s get started!