The future of IT spending

I just saw this on another post and wanted to share it here as well.

Recently the vice president of Gartner India said, “CIOs are soon going to be an endangered species in the new digital business era.” The primary threat: business units are increasing acting independently. 38% of IT spending is currently outside the IT department and that number is expected to be over 50% in 2017.

Why are businesses abandoning IT? Likely because few CEOs see CIOs as technology evangelists. Traditionally IT departments have guarded technology decisions as too complicated and favored systems that require frequent IT intervention. With the rise of cloud-based SaaS services, business units are finding solutions outside their company.

Gartner’s advice for a CIO watching out for their job: have frequent contact with the other business unit leaders and listen to their needs. Present feasible options to the business and when they’ve made a decision and be the champion to roll out the solution. There are still many factors you should have influence over including the security of proprietary information and compatibility with existing systems.