Update on soldering

In order to prototype some circuits I thought it would be a good idea to build some boards which had NOR, NAND, AND, and OR gates pre built to speed things up. I bought about 300 through-hole transistors and resistors and started building the first board on a¬†perforated board from RadioShack. It turns out this is a terribly slow way to prototype. I spent 8 hours soldering on the first board (only 13 NOR gates) and it’s not finished yet. I’m getting a lot better at soldering small connections though! I only had to break out the solder wick twice.

Instead of building these boards with perfboard, I’m going to stop and learn how to use KiCad to design a printed board using surface mount components. I’ll have to order the boards online but I’ll reflow solder them myself. I’m going to start with the same prototype board designs so I can learn how well this works.

There’s a new makerspace in town about ready to open up. They have a circuit board printer so I may look into that route eventually.