1% Better: Diet

It’s hard to make an abrupt change in your diet. You can stick with it for a while, but then you start to cheat a little, and then it all falls apart. Instead of an abrupt change, I’m making small changes as part of a system to improve my eating habits over the long term. I don’t have any rules like gluten free, paleo, no carb, or anything like that. I’m just starting to replace less healthy foods with healthier options. Here are a few of the meal changes I’ve made recently:

  • I gave up french fries. Today every restaurant offers an alternative sides menu. I don’t regularly eat out, but when I do, I’m only ordering an alternative side.
  • Finish that bag of salad. Whenever I buy a bag of lettuce it always goes bad before I finish it. They seem to have a shelf life of no more than three days in the fridge. Now when I buy lettuce, which I try to do on every trip to the store, I eat some at each meal to ensure I finish it.
  • I replaced my deli lunch sandwiches with pita pocket sandwiches. I generally use turkey, cheese, and mustard. When I ran out of pita pockets I made tortilla wraps.
  • I substituted ground turkey for hamburger in tacos. I use the 99% fat free turkey.
  • I used zucchini and squash as meat substitutes in a few dishes.
  • I stepped up my block cheese for snacking on from the cheap stuff to the deli cheeses. They’re so much richer in flavor.
  • I know crackers are bad and loaded with simple carbs. I’m replacing some of my cheese and cracker snacks with baby carrots and hummus.
  • To get more variety of veggies (I eat lots of broccoli) I bought a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and made stir fry and rice.