Prototype: Generating Vue forms from JSON

I’m fascinated with generated code. I love to write code, but when it comes to repetitive CRUD screens, nothing beats a template. Being able to quickly generate screens builds confidence with clients and gets you right into the meat of the application.

I used to build applications primarily in ASP.NET MVC. Recently I’ve started using Vue and immediately missed having input and form builders. Since I still use a C# Web API on the back end, I had to creatively get the C# model from server to client. I did this using a modified JSON Schema. I tried several libraries, but was not very happy with the extensibility of any of them. This proof of concept uses NJsonSchema.

You’re probably here for the client side. Here’s a demo. The code is in the second and third tab.

This form requires two objects from the server. A schema object describing the form and an object containing the form data.

The type attribute comes from the C# property type. When I was limited by NJsonSchema, I added an xtype attribute so I could pick how to render DateTimes and option lists. Select list options come from a property on the formData object mapped from optionsFromProperty in the schema.

You can find the (currently) very ugly server side model here:


For simplicity I published the demo as a single component, but I did break it into several components in my own code.

I will probably end up writing my own schema generator so I’m not constrained by the assumptions of existing ones. JSON Schema is designed for validating JSON data, not building UIs so I’m really stretching the use case here. I would prefer to use the DataAnnotations attributes whenever possible since many tools, like EF, Newtonsoft, and ASP.NET data validation, are already capable of generating and interpreting them.

I couldn’t generate enum drop downs in this demo because NJsonSchema renders them as $ref properties which I didn’t want to interpret client-side.

It would also be great to have sensible default attributes so you can build a form directly from a plain class or EF table object without manually defining labels and enum/list data types.

In a production build scenario, you could precompile the schema as a dependency json file so only the form data is downloaded at run-time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what features would be useful to you.